Best Games of the Month for Android – September 2017

After compiling the best Android app that we described last month, it’s time to summarize the theme of the game. Here are our proposals for the most interesting titles.


It’s not just beautiful graphics, but also matching soundtracks that will take us to the Wild West. Amateurs of developed platforms will not find much to do here, but if you do not have high requirements for the plot, but you are aesthetics, this game you will certainly enjoy.

Cat Quest

Cat Quest is full of humor, and at every turn we find words that have a feline charm, like Paws instead of Pause. Such a blink of an eye to lovers of furry quadrupeds. The game should also appeal to other players who enjoy playing the game. Cat Quest offers fresh and fun masses of unrivaled humor.

Champions and Challengers

The title is characterized by a nice and well thought out graphic design so Cartoon Network certainly do not have to be ashamed of the production from Yes Gnome. If you like Adventure Time, definitely worth a try!


The Human Age

The Human Age is a game I can recommend to both logical fun fans and those looking for a simple “free time”. Nice audiovisual cover is something that Noodlecake already has us used so nothing to look at Google Play or the App Store and download the title for free!


Bowmasters from the entrance can admire the sweet, colorful setting and styling, which is just perfect. But it did not prevent the creators from implementing the pretty </ em> brutal solution that is borrowed from the Mortal Kombat series of finishes – Fatality

Fist of Fury

In Fist of Fury everything happens very fast. It takes good reflexes to make the game go on indefinitely. And the purpose of the game itself is to beat your own records, so it motivates us nothing except your own ambition (unless you like to collect, then picking up all the characters becomes a strong motivation). The retro-styled graphics will appeal to fans of old TV games, and the dynamic sound of the fight will warm up to play. With this skill you will not learn kung fu moves, but you will definitely improve your reflexes.

Swipe Casters

Swipe Casters is the kind of entertainment I like most. The difficulty level is quite high and the results depend largely on our perceptiveness and reaction speed. Still, after each defeat, I want to try again to get to the last moment. And it does not happen often …

Death Point

In Death Point, you will find 10 feature chapters filled with action, but the main focus is on sneaky elements. A hero can cast items that are intended to lure or confuse the enemy. However, if you prefer to go through the boards with the assault – nothing obstructs. There are many types of weapons available from silencer guns, uzi, mines and even shotguns. For everyone good. Each mission has its main guidelines and challenges – passing the board unnoticed, or killing any enemy.


Glowish is one of those games that captivate your minimalism. The simple form is one, but a very thoughtful color selection, as well as a well-developed audio layer add a lot of charm to the game. I do not want to fall into a pompous tone, but literally it is one of those productions that absolutely nothing missing. Although they are perfect in their simplicity.


Pokemon Playhouse

Pokemon Playhouse is a game that is perfectly adapted to the smallest smartphone and tablet users. If you have small children at home, I would recommend checking out this title. Professionally prepared games for little ones are rarely available for free in their full versions. Here, not only that title can be downloaded for free, we will not find any ads.

Football Strike

If you like agility in which the precision of the finger movement on the touch screen counts, Football Strike is the title for you! Another advantage is the ability to compete with other players. Although I’m not a big fan of football, I was really drawn to it.


Catomic </ i> from the on-5 studio is an incredibly addictive match-3, in which the user has the task of efficiently operating the space cat.

Rainbow Diamonds

Rainbow Diamonds is one of those games that do not stand out from the competition – but it is … correct to the pain. All the more so because the creators all the time are making sure that the boards are really affordable – and that they have served us a patch of balancing difficulty. The game is available in AppStore and the Google Play platform.

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