Flippy Knife is a new arcade game!

Old times

Today I remembered one of the games that accompanied me as a kid, while traveling outside the city. It was a “knife” game that consisted of driving the object in the ground in various ways. In retrospect, I wonder how it was possible for our parents to let us play this way and not be afraid that we were putting our eyes to them. But the entertainment was exceptionally addictive, and in a world without smartphones and computer games, it provided a lot of entertainment. Why am I writing about it? Because I came across the App Store for a mobile game today, which in some way refers to this “analog” play. Moreover, it is one of the most interesting skits I have had the pleasure of playing in the last weeks. If you like typical “time killers” dedicated to Android or iOS smartphones, check out the Flippy Knife!

The game draws its attention immediately after launch. The screen shows that the game is based on the true physics of the knives. The warning says that caution should be exercised when planning in the same way, playing with real knives. In real situations they can cause injuries (who would think?).

Flippy Knife is not one of the 4 mini games in which our main task will obviously be skillful knifing. The first game is probably the one I mentioned in the introduction. Our task is to throw the knife up so that it landed with a blade in the wood. All we do with a simple “swipe” gesture, controlling the power and direction of the throw. Point counters are reset after unsuccessful throw. We also collect points “combo”. After completing the special strap, the knife changes color to golden and every customs roll is rewarded with additional coins. For virtual money we will buy new knives later.

What do you think about mods for this game?
We will think about it in the future 🙂

Now gives you a video..

Another game system

Another kind of mini-game moves us to the encampment, where we throw a knife to a moving shield placed on a tree. Here, when we complete the entire combo strap, the treasure chest will fall from the top of the screen. Another type of game is climbing. We dock a treasure chest that flies through the center of the tunnel. Our task is to knock the knife: once left in the right wall of the board and thus, the pursuit of the target. The last mode of play is “arcade”. Here, every next knife throws us to the next stage of the board. Our goal is to reach the end.

If you like simple skilfulness, which we come back to for a few minutes in tantrums or while on a bus trip, this title is one of the more interesting suggestions that have recently appeared on Google Play and the App Store. It’s just a pity that games often break up …

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