Football Strike – In this online football game, precision and reflexes count!

Because of the enormous popularity of football, it’s no surprise that the new Google Play and App Store are still making headlines with football. For smartphones and tablets, it is best to use simple skills that do not even try to copy known or PES mechanisms. Football Strike is a combination of a nice, three-dimensional graphic design with uncomplicated penalty or free throws in which we can compete with players from all over the world. I have to admit that I did not expect that title to pull me all that way.

The first of the available modes is “Shooting Race”. Before each match, our future opponent is drawn. Importantly, it will not be a virtual character and a player who is also trying his hand at Football Strike, somewhere on the other end of the world! Before the match we also have to pay the appropriate amount of money. If we win, it will double. In case of losing, we will lose a predetermined amount of coins. “Shooting Race” is a game where you shoot the ball as fast as you can and hit special targets that randomly appear on the screen. Whoever hits more targets within a dozen or so seconds wins.


“Shooting Race” is not the only mode available in the game. The player will also be able to participate in the free throws contest. For a change we will be playing in the sniper and goalkeeper. The rule is the same. Just slide your finger in the direction where you want to kick or guide the golkiper. After several such games, we will be able to unlock the career mode. It is nothing more than a combination of different game modes that will come to us one by one, climbing the charts and earning more and more money.

From time to time, in the game we can get a sports bag full of surprises. After waiting for the time, we can unfasten the slider and see what is inside. Most often these are cards that symbolize certain improvements. Bags offer new hairstyles, money or skills for the players. Another element of the game, which will notorally provoke us to take advantage of micropayment, is the wheel of fortune. We earn coins for which we can buy better player skills, costumes, balls and also mentioned bags full of surprises. Football fans will appreciate the licensed features of the game. At this point, you can buy outfits such as FC Barcelona, ​​FC Shalke 04 or Borussia Dortmund.

If you like agility in which the precision of the finger movement on the touch screen counts, Football Strike is the title for you! Another advantage is the ability to compete with other players. Although I’m not a big fan of football, I was really drawn to it.

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