Minecraft – Pocket Edition – Android (Free Download)

Minecraft: Pocket Edition is a mobile version of one of the most popular independent games in the history of the electronic entertainment market. Production of the Swedish Mojang studio allows you to experience an extraordinary adventure, the only creator of which is the player.
Minecraft is, in short, a great sandbox where players build their own world. As the game progresses, he learns more about the game mechanics, develops his skills and uses his acquired knowledge. Thanks to this, it can build the first constructions and explore the randomly generated world. During the adventure, he modifies the surrounding reality, creates situations and reacts to changes.

The mobile edition of Minecraft still offers only a small slice of what can be found in the original PC. The basic division into the Creative option, where we focus primarily on building a variety of constructions, and Survival, where we fight for survival (at night they attack us zombies), we develop skills and model our own virtual world, but we can enjoy the game a lot of fun. In addition, local multiplayer games can be played by several people at the same time.

As in the original, yes and here the game world is generated randomly, so we will never get to two identical looking regions. But their common denominator is always differentiated areas – from desert fragments, wooded areas to canyons flooded with water. The virtual reality of Minecraft does not end with life on the surface, as the production also offers extensive undergrounds in which you can obtain, for example, the stone needed to build a home.


1.We get apk
2.Download the device to the memory if we downloaded it to the pc / if we go into the file manager and there we find our app
The most common locations for downloaded files are:
sdcard0 (internal memory)> download> here
If we have a sd card then probably the file will be saved on the card in the download folder
3. Install apk (during installation you may pop up a window informing us about disabled
Installing an application from an unknown source to fix it should go to the settings in the security and select the “unknown source” option.)
4. we play the game

Free Minecraft: Pocket Edition v1.2.1.1 APK



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