See new mode in Clash Royale. It will be happening!

Clash Royale is one of those productions that not only turned out to be phenomenal, but also thanks to the vibrant community and constant support of the creators – for many years… they have virtually no equal. This is a game that has kidnapped hundreds of thousands of players from all over the world, and their interest in the title is not falling down a bit. The game continues to provide creators and publishers with a steady stream of cash each and every day, and now it’s time to see a new mode … and more. Looking at the latest news I have the impression that the Clash Royale madness will never end!

Touchdown – a mode in Clash Royale, which was not yet!

Thinking of Clash Royale, we have a specific gameplay model and some of the solutions we’ve been using for years. Imagine that Touchdown shows us a game world we have not seen before. We will not find any towers, no rivers – and so it is in vain to look for any bridges there. Instead, there will be a huge area, with two zones. When your heroes get to the rivals base – you get a crown. Three crowns, round won.

Touchdown is leading a revolution in the game we know at Clash Royale. So it should not surprise anyone that the creators introduced a set of limitations there – there will be a pack of cards that … would simply ruin this fun. The gameplay in Touchdown, however, is very different from what we do in the main Clash Royale modes, so you can say goodbye to Hog Rider or Miner. And to understand that it is no malice on the part of the creators, and simply to take care that the proposed new gameplay is more than a ripple. And for that, we’ve always loved Super Cell, are not we?

When will the new mode appear in Clash Royale?

At the premiere of the new mode we will not have to, fortunately, wait all eternity. Touchdown is expected to hit smartphones and tablets in October – specific dates have not been announced. But keep your hand on the pulse, because the lure is lurking around the corner!

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