The game worth the attention. Now in mobile version The Talos Principle

Logical games on computers and consoles are not easy. Still associated with office entertainment, and the Portal series just seem to be the exception to this rule. This does not mean that they do not come out – the ideal example is The Witness, which a few weeks ago has been timid for mobile devices. And now it’s another great title: The Talos Principle. One of these games, which – of course – was not easy on large equipment. However, I still hope that this mobile will change, because it’s one of the productions that you should know sooner or later.

I very much respect games whose creators do not have me debila and almost from the beginning they start playing in the cat and mouse after successive hosts puzzled me. In The Talos Principle, we play the mysterious work of a humaidon robot, which Elohim is constantly referring to. Slowly, he gives him more tasks and bans, motivates him to act. We as players try to fulfill these wishes. And so luckily, it’s also a time where one after another are puzzled by the next puzzles.

The authors regularly add other puzzles and mechanics, deftly mixing them and forcing us to think at every turn. By the way they also throw us the remains of history, from which we must build the whole of this story. Full of secrets, unprofesions. Everything is lined with a philosophical chisel. For those who want to delve into the whole story, motives and analysis – what to do. But if you only want to focus on the puzzles then … well! Because they are also there in abundance.

The Talos Principle has come to smartphones and tablets straight from large devices, but its creators have done their utmost to make exploration here comfortable. The new control is intuitive and child-friendly. Already in the first scenes, the creators will familiarize us with all its secrets – if you do not want to wandering aimlessly it does not hurt. Just point out where you want to go and … it works!

The Talos Principle is one example of a game that has been portrayed with class and attention to detail – so nice to see. The game is available in the AppStore, in the universal version, for € 7.99. On Google Play, you can find a version that is compatible with devices with NVIDIA K1 and X1 cards.

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