Fifa 18 it is!

FIFA 18 is a new part of the FIFA series

Another episode of the most popular series of football games in the world. Players can again manage a whole host of licensed national teams and football teams from the best leagues in the world, leading them to victory in both variants of solitaire and multiplayer modes. One of the most popular sports games. This time the football fans have been waiting for a number of minor and major changes, including a completely rebuilt transfer system. In the game there is also a continuation of the role-playing campaign, and the technology for the look and behavior of the players has improved. All the innovations are on personal computers. This release is nothing compared to the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, and in addition far exceeds what we see on other devices. The PC version has been released in three editions. In addition to the standard we have also Edition Icons, with big gold Premium FIFA Ultimate Team worth PLN 120 and several players available for rent in FUT. In addition, Ronaldo Edition is sold with the same, but in lesser amount (gold packages worth 60 zł and no Ronaldo Nazario to borrow). The production of FIFA 18 for personal computers is the responsibility of the EA Canada team, assisted by EA Bucharest.


FIFA 18 introduces a number of changes to what we have seen in FIFA 17. The big news is Real Players Motion. This is the system responsible for the animation of the players, where he cooperated. Cristiano Ronaldo from Real Madrid. This solution makes the top players look, move and behave practically the way they are. However, not only the most famous players have benefited from this, as RPM takes into account various factors, including the growth of athletes or their attributes, and also affects other players. For example, a big, strong defender will almost always win a fight with a weaker player, though he also has the chance to get out of the oppressive, if he is technically well trained. Interestingly, in this case, great and creative footballers, like Lionel Messi, are much better at keeping the ball, keeping it close to each other, and making it easier than less talented colleagues.

Of course the game offers a number of licensed leagues and players. There were also representatives of Poland and the native Ekstraklasa. As for the available forms of play, there have been a lot of changes. The title track “Road to glory” from the previous part was followed by a follow-up called “The Way to Fame: Hunter’s Return”. We will see in it the fate of the promising player from the Premier League – Alex Hunter. This time the campaign takes us to various corners of the world, lets you know the best players like Cristiano Ronaldo, and additionally the choices made on the field and beyond affect the course of the adventure. The usual career in which we run one of the clubs has also been improved, primarily with the transfer system. A new window has been added to the menu, which is used to track interesting players. We also start negotiations with him – first with the club and then with the player or his agent. In both cases we can do it ourselves, using the decision wheel, or asking for help from our assistant. During the talks we set the amount of transactions and possible bonuses for the club. On the other hand, when negotiating conditions with a player, we must remember not only the basic salary, but also the bonuses, for example scored goals, etc. Over all is artificial intelligence, dynamically responding to our offer and trying to win as much as possible for their clients. The career has also seen interstitial scenarios, including finalizing transfers or giving awards to the athlete of the month. The other icons are FIFA Ultimate Team (XOne, PS4, Switch and PC only). These are exceptional cards with legendary players, such as Pelem, Thierry Henry or Ronaldinho. They come in three variants, from different career periods of the players. They differ from each other, and for example Pele from 1958 is worse than the 1970s.



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